Just Got Back: Nantucket

Suzanne Aaronson, ALTOUR Chief Marketing Officer & Founder: What’s Worth It 

Where did you Just Get Back from?  Nantucket

When were you in Nantucket? May 2015

“I had Nantucket on my mind for at least 10 years…but being I’d been living in London, it was not around the corner! Finding destinations that are laid back, provide a mix of sport, yoga, great food, a fun vibe, the ability to live on foot & bike for a while is a passion of mine. Now add traveling with a 1 year old baby to this mix and Nantucket is a perfect place!”

Words to describe what you felt when you first arrived: Relaxed, beach/casual, old-fashioned fun, quaint.

Where did you stay? The White Elephant Village. It’s 5 minute walk to town …1 minute walk to Children’s Beach, 3 minute bike ride to Jetty Beach.

How did you get there? Anything to note? JetBlue non-stop from JFK.  Take the first morning flight to / from an island wherever possible.. .you’re most likely to go on time.

With whom would you recommend staying at this hotel / resort? Family or a group of friends. They provide wonderfully for babies and children of all ages; NB: It is the only hotel this group owns which has a pool.

Tempt us- Name the most special place you discovered on this trip: We adored Lola for dinner at the bar: the food delicious – the music mix: super sexy.

What’s not to be missed? The White Elephant boat from their bay to The Wauwinet for sunset cocktails, then dinner.

What do you recommend buying / bringing back as a gift or keepsake? A cosy ‘ denim look’ Nantucket hooded sweatshirt for the whole family.

What’s the best time of year to go in your opinion? Shoulder season: May or early June & September / October.

Suzanne and her son, Leo.

Suzanne and her son, Leo.

2 thoughts on “Just Got Back: Nantucket

  1. Having been a Jersey shore guy my entire life, I’ve never been to Nantucket. But I’m adding it to my list of where I need to abandon my “creature habits”. Great pictures…especially of you and your son Leo at either sunrise or sunset on the beach…priceless.

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