Just Got Back: Greece


Gladys Bakhit, Office Manager, The Travel Authority.

Where did you Just Get Back from? A Windstar Cruise throughout Turkey and Greece.

When were you on the trip? May 26  – June 7, 2015.

What did you think of this cruise line? I cannot say enough about this cruise line! From the moment we stepped on board, the experience was TOP NOTCH. No request too big.  The staff was more than willing to make every wish come true. Our cabin was large with a French Balcony. The bathroom was large with a bathtub and L’Occitane products. Small ship but it delivers a BIG experience.

What were some of the top highlights of the trip and why? 

  1. The amazing excursions and the extra time in each port. Most ships left the port around 4 or 5 pm, but Windstar stayed in most ports until 7 or 8 pm. The extra 2 or 3 hours make it possible to see and do more.
  2. We had our own private event that took place in the historic city of Ephesus. At 7 pm, we were bused to Ephesus, where we enjoyed a 3 course dinner under the stars in front of the library with music.
  3. After the excursion to Ephesus, we arrived at the ship around 10:30 pm only to find the whole crew was waiting outside clapping for our safe return and telling us how much they missed us for dinner. Truly a memorable evening!
  4. One night we wanted to skip dessert and go up to enjoy the sunset, when the maitre d’ heard that, he asked us what we would like for dessert and the he will have it delivered to our cabin. We ordered a creme brulee to share. When we got to our cabin, there were two creme brulees with a note saying, “Hope the sunset was amazing.” This experience sold us on Windstar, because everything they do, they do it with a big smile!

Would you recommend this trip? I highly recommend this cruise, it was fascinating with a wonderful combination of ports. Windstar did an amazing job delivering a memorable experience. The itinerary is good for all ages.

Any travel warnings? After our return, the situation in Athens worsened due to Greece’s default on EU loan. There are no threats for travel to Greece at this time.  Expect prices to go up though in the coming months. VAT Tax is now up to 28%. Turkey was in the midst of an election while we were there, but there were no demonstrations in the streets.

Any other travel information to share? Anyone traveling to Greece in the near future should take cash, rather than rely on withdrawing from the ATM. Otherwise Visa and MasterCard whenever possible. American Express is not widely accepted because of the high fees associated with the card. Additionally, plan on spending two nights in Athens and two nights in Istanbul. There are so many things to see and do. Both cities deserve the extra day.

Feeling inspired? Contact Gladys today and get even more inside information! Email her at gladys.bakhit@thetravelauthority.com. 



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