Just Got Back: Europe

Nany Schuman, Independent Contractor as part of Revel Travel at ALTOUR group, just returned from a tour of Europe and sat down with us to recount her amazing experience.

“We returned in early June from a 3 week amazing trip. We started out in Istanbul at the Pera Palace – which was okay, nicely situated and the hotel the Windstar uses for their clients. Our private guide, Ali Pasha, was absolutely wonderful. He took us all over Istanbul to the regular sites, such as the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, Spice Market and ferry over to Asia, and in addition  advised us about a great Turkish Bath.  Ali took us to an artist friend of his, who creates marble paintings that are so beautiful.  And because we were with Ali, he gifted us 2 paintings, with our names on it. They are about to adorn our walls…such fun! We felt very safe in Istanbul, and definitely recommend a visit. 

We then took a cruise on Windstar’s Star Pride from Istanbul to Athens. Our experience was sensational. The service was beyond wonderful – everyone was so helpful and friendly. The accomodations in the French Balcony Suite, were beautiful – spacious, with room to put all of our sundries and clothes away. It was our home for 9 days…and we loved it. The staff was so accommodating…they supplied me with almond milk for my coffee in the morning!  The ports we visited in Turkey and Greece were beautiful. The leaders on the excursions we took were knowledgeable, friendly and there to be of service.  I loved the day when we took a small cruise in Kalymos – just a day of sailing, swimming and kayaking.

Following the cruise, 2 days in Athens at the Grande Bretagne Hotel –  a beautiful hotel with exceptional service and in a great location. We continued touring ancient Greek ruins like the Pantheon. The people is Greece were so friendly, and we even found some delicious dairy free gelato! I was happy!!

Then onto Rome for 3 days. At the Hotel D’Angleterre…great location but the rooms are a bit small. Rome Guide Service, Carlo, was our guide. He took us to special places in the Vatican museums and all the wonderful sites in Rome. From Rome we went to Paris, where our two grandsons live, staying at the beautiful  Esprit St. Germaine….a lovely, small boutique hotel located in Saint Germain. Great location – beautiful service and a bar/lounge where you could have breakfast, snacks and drinks which are included in their rate.

Visiting Paris with grandsons is quite different than, visiting “Paris”. We did walk around the Marais, visit the Musee Picasso and also the Mussee Jardine.  Paris was beautiful as always. We returned on June 14th –  and were lucky because we missed the hot weather that followed!”

Want to experience it for yourself? Contact Nancy at nancy.schuman@altour.com or 818.956.5833 and she’ll get you set up!


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