Just Got Back: Italy

Susan Dushane: Travel Consultant

Where did you Just Get Back from? Sicily, Italy.

When were you in Sicily? November 2015.

“I always wanted to visit Sicily. Although I have been to Italy a few times, Sicily was the place that was more intriguing, thanks to Hollywood’s Mafia portrayal.”

Words to describe what you felt when you first arrived: Excitement at the thought of a new adventure, curiosity, and relief at the warm climate.

Where did you stay? With whom would you recommend stay at these properties? 

  • First property: Villa Igiea. I flew LAX/LHR/FCO/PMO. The hotel was first class in it’s heyday.  It needs a good face-lift, but It’s right on the water. Would be great for couples or families in the summer.
  • Second property: Verdura Golf and Spa Resort. I drove from Palermo. It’s great for golfers and families. However, you would need a car if you wanted to explore and dine elsewhere. The hotel is very spread out, but you can walk or take golf carts around the property.
  • Third Property: Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo. We drove to this wonderful hotel which would be for anyone. It’s upscale yet relaxed. You leave the hotel and can walk right into town.

Tempt us—name the most special place your discovered on this trip. The Roman Villa of Casale. The tile work is still intact, but the beauty of the Villa is the story the tiles tell about life at the hunting lodge. I was so impressed seeing how they brought in animals to the lodge for the nobility to hunt. Additionally, if you’re looking to bring something back as a keepsake, the pottery is very beautiful and unique. My other keepsakes added 5 pounds to my frame, but reminds me of the fabulous, fresh food.

What is the best time of year to go, in your opinion? Spring, or late October/early November. It was still quite warm. Summer is very crowded but best for all the water sports.

If you’re interested in traveling to Italy soon, contact Susan at susan.dushane@altour.com or 818-464-9241.